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Pawel Artymowicz

Being a theoretical astrophysicist, I like to do some

but often have to do or .All those are fun!

I also think about my colleagues' observations, for instance those by Sally Heap's STIS/HST team.      Yes, it's the disk of Beta Pictoris. Beautiful, isn't it?

I am a university docent and tenured associate prof. at Stockholm Observatory. Until recently, it was located in Saltsjöbaden , a charming suburb of Stockholm, adjacent to the Stockholm archipelago (where I go diving with my brother Andrzej.)
Now the Observatory is north of the city center (the arc-like building at the bottom of this picture, (c) F. Masset), which shows also landmark white dome of Globen and the tower of the city hall with a golden spot on top, in reality three golden crowns (Nobel prizes are awarded there every December 10).

I study the birth and evolution of binary stars and planetary systems, dynamics of astrophysical disks, physics of circumstellar dust, with occasional diversions to binary black holes and AGNs. I lead a group studying Theory of Planetary Systems.

I co-edited the journal Planetary and Space Science.
An International Evaluation of Swedish Astronomy and Astrophysics (Oct. 2000)  summarized the areas of my research program and evaluated it. I am the most cited astronomer currently in Stockholm (1994-2004).

I am also a full prof. w/tenure at the University of Toronto, where I'm moving in the Spring 2005.

Observations? (No)
GG Tau ? (maybe)DQ Tau ? (maybe)
Simulation? (Yes)

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    A couple of links to extrasolar planets
Long CV with links, summary of research & Bibliography (also in PDF)  
    Disk+planet interaction:  Comparison of hydrocodes (for those actively modeling disks) 
  Migration Type III:  a talk at KITP/UCSB 2004 conference on Planet Formation (abstract, streaming audio & video)    
  Extrasolar planets:  a review  (HTML) 
 Hydra  (a parallel mini-supercomputer built in 1999 w/8 nodes) 
  Antares  (a parallel mini-supercomputer; 2002: 20 nodes, 2005: 38 nodes) 
Notes on Beta Pictoris 
Notes on PPM simulations of planet-disk interaction
  Note on Accretion onto binary stars (work in progress)
  Note on planet migration in disks (PPM simulation movies)
  Note on Technical comparison of 2 Riemann-solver based hydrocodes
Undergraduate course on Planetary Systems (2004)
Graduate course on Galactic Dynamics (2003) 
Undergraduate course on Galactic Dynamics (2002)
Complex Universe: an intriguing Astro-Mathematical puzzle with largely unexplored implications
  7-11: A math puzzle 
Many proofs that all odd integers are prime numbers
Photo album 
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