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Pawel Artymowicz

Dealing a lot with gas and fluid dynamics, I like to


At work I often do or .All those are fun!

I also think about my colleagues' observations, for instance those by Sally Heap's STIS/HST team.      Yes, it's the disk of Beta Pictoris. Beautiful, isn't it?

Until 2005 I was a tenured Associate Prof. at Stockholm Observatory. It was located in Saltsjöbaden , a charming suburb of Stockholm, adjacent to the Stockholm archipelago (where I go diving with my brother Andrzej.)
Now the Observatory is north of the city center (the arc-like building at the bottom of this picture, (c) F. Masset), which shows also landmark white dome of Globen and the tower of the city hall with a golden spot on top, in reality three golden crowns (Nobel prizes are awarded there every December 10).

I study the birth and evolution of binary stars and planetary systems, dynamics of astrophysical disks, physics of circumstellar dust, with occasional diversions to binary black holes and AGNs. I lead a group studying Theory of Planetary Systems.

I co-edited the journal Planetary and Space Science.
An International Evaluation of Swedish Astronomy and Astrophysics (Oct. 2000)  summarized the areas of my research program and evaluated it. I was the most cited astronomer in Stockholm (1994-2004).

Since 2005 I am a tenured professor at the University of Toronto. I split my time between the Dept. of Astron. & Astrophys at the St. George downtown campus, and UTSC (U of T at Scarborough). For instance, I now teach on Tue and Thu at UTSC, and regularly come to DDA on Fri and sometimes Mo/Wed.

Observations? (No)
GG Tau ? (maybe)DQ Tau ? (maybe)
Simulation? (Yes)

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    A couple of links to extrasolar planets
Long CV with links, summary of research & Bibliography (also in PDF)  
    Supercomputing for the 2010s. PDF of a presentation at UTSC, Jan. 2010.  
    AST1501 lecture 1 Nov 2005: Planets, Disks, Dust and the Many Projects You Might Be Interested In;  
    PSCD01 course lecture 11 Oct 2005: Extrasolar Planets ;  
  Dynamics and Structure in Resolved Dusty Disks:  a streaming audio+video and Powerpoint presentation at STScI's Nearby Resolved Debris Disks 2005 workshop (please scroll to my presentation)    
   Migration Type III:  a talk at KITP/UCSB 2004 conference on Planet Formation (abstract, streaming audio & video)    
  Extrasolar planets:  a review  (HTML) 
 Hydra  (a parallel mini-supercomputer built in 1999, 8 nodes) 
  Antares  (a parallel mini-supercomputer; 2002: 20 nodes, 2005: 38 nodes) 
  ZMachine   (massively parallel GPU-supercomputers, 2009: 720-1440 nodes on 3 GPUs) 
  Beowulfs & supercomputers  (a collection of links)  
Notes on Beta Pictoris 
Notes on PPM simulations of planet-disk interaction
  Note on Accretion onto binary stars (work in progress)
  Note on planet migration in disks (PPM simulation movies)
  Note on Technical comparison of 2 Riemann-solver based hydrocodes
Graduate course PHYD38 at UTSC, Nonlinear Physics and Chaos
Undergraduate course ASTB03 at UTSC, Great Moments in Astronomy (2007)
Undergraduate course ASTC25 at UTSC, Solar System Astrophysics (2007)
Graduate course AST3021 at UofT, Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems
Undergraduate course ASTC22 at UTSC, Galactic and Extragalactic Astrophysics
Graduate course AST1420 at UofT, Galactic structure and dynamics (2007)
Undergraduate course on Planetary Systems at Stockholm U. (2004)
Graduate course on Galactic Dynamics at Stcokholm U. (2003) 
Undergraduate course on Galactic Dynamics at Stcokholm U. (2002)
Complex Universe: an intriguing Astro-Mathematical puzzle with largely unexplored implications
  OMNI TV interview about fractals (po polsku) :  a review  (HTML) 
  7-11: A math puzzle 
Many proofs that all odd integers are prime numbers
Photo album 
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Pawel Artymowicz / pawel@utsc.utoronto.ca
University of Toronto at Scarborough, Physical Sciences
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