Astrophysics of Planetary  Systems
at the
University of Toronto at Scarborough

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Theoretical  research on astrophysics of solar and extrasolar planetary systems and their origins and futures :-)
by a group of researchers and outside collaborators/visitors

Pawel Artymowicz
Professor, UofT
Worked extensively on origin of binary systems, disk-planet interaction, dust distribution, physics and evolution in circumestellar disks. Find out  more about him & his research on his homepage 
Ramon Brasser
NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow at UofT (currently researcher at Nice Observatory, France)  
Orbital dynamics, physics of interaction of disks with planets. Oort cloud. Scattered Kuiper belt. Origin of planets.    
Anna Grigorieva
 Gradstudent, Stockholm U.
(Stk. Observatory)
Graduate project on dust: processing, 
avalanches and migration in replenished Vega-type disks and Beta Pictoris.
 Adam Peplinski
 Gradstudent, Stockholm U.
(Stk. Observatory)
Hydrodynamics of disk+planet interaction using parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement techniques based on FLASH code. 
Miguel de Val Borro
(currently Fellow at Princeton Ctr for Adv Studies)
Hydrodynamical stability of disks with realistic structure (gaps, edges) induced by planets. The influence of instabilities on planet formation. The EU Network code comparison project.  
Mirza Ahmic
 former MSc student at DAA
(currently at Royal Bank of Canada)
Finding the dust distribuion in Beta Pictoris system - two disks model with 18 parameters.  
Jeffrey Fung
 former Gradstudent
(currently NSERC Fellow at UC Berkeley)
Hydrodynamical instability of irradiated optically thick disks, Flow of gas in 3D around an embedded planet, massively parallel GPU computing.  
   OTHER/FORMER ASSOCIATES:   Taku Takeuchi (now professor at Kyoto), Eduardo Delgado Donate, Richard Edgar (software specialist), Ghanjah Skanby-Mansour (high-school teacher in Stockholm), Martin Thörnqvist, Anders Jeneskog,


Some Reprints and Presentations:

best place to get new and old preprints/reprints is
  Harvad (link to the ADS database)

  Collisional dust avalanches in debris discs (link to ADS database) or (PDF text)
Grigorieva, A., Artymowicz, P., and Thebault, P., 2007, A&A, 461, 537-549
  Planetary Systems (PDF, 0.7 MB)
Artymowicz P., 2006, Graduate School in Astronomy (X CCE, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Eds.: S. Daflon, J. Alcaniz, E. Telles and R. de la Reza, AIP Conf. Proc., pp. 3-32
Edgar & Artymowicz  
  Pumping of a planetesimal disc by a rapidly migrating planet (link to ADS database) (or .PDF, 0.1 MB)
Edgar R. & Artymowicz P., 2004, MNRAS, 354, 769-772
P. Artymowicz  
  "Migration Type III" (Multimedia: slides, animations, video/audio)
Presentation at the Santa Barbara Program on Planet Formation, KITP, UCSB, 2004
Martin Thörnqvist  
  Disk-Planet Interaction During the Formation of Planetary Systems (5 MB PDF file)
Master thesis, Dept. Astr. UU, 2004
Artymowicz, "Dynamics of protostellar disks with planets"  in  PDF (0.2 MB, requires Adobe Acrobat reader) Alternative format: compressed Postscript (.ps.gz, 0.9 MB) , 13-page review. DEBRIS DISKS AND THE FORMATION OF PLANETS: A symposium in memory of Fred Gillett, Tucson, AZ, April 2002, 
published in: ASP Vol. CS-324, 2004.
Artymowicz, P.
Growth and interaction of planets (0.2 MB   PDF file)
Planetary Systems in the Universe:  Observation, Formation and Evolution,  IAU Symp. 202
Eds.: A. Penny, P.Artymowicz, A.-M.Lagrange, and S. Russell, (2004) ASP Vol.
Ghanjah Skanby-Mansour  
  Dynamical simulation of beta Pictoris dust: Implications for the amount of gas in the disk. (1 MB PDF file)
Master thesis, Dept. Astr. SU, 2003
Anders Jeneskog
"External perturbations and the structure of the beta Pictoris disk"    (1.8MB   .ps.gz file)
BSc thesis = examensarbete 
(Stockholm U., Apr. 2001) 
Takeuchi and Artymowicz 
 Dust Migration and Morphology in Optically Thin Circumstellar Gas Disks (link to ADS database) (or .PDF, 0.5 MB)
ApJ,  2001, 557, 990-1006
Artymowicz, P.
Beta Pictoris and Other Solar Systems (0.26 MB PDF file)
18-page review in  Space Science Review, Vol. 92, 2000, pp. 69-86.

Artymowicz, "The frightening mobility and the prospect of survival of giant extrasolar protoplanets in disks" paper at conf. "Scientific Frontiers in Research on Extrasolar Planets" in Washington D.C. 2002
Lubow, S., Seibert, M., Artymowicz, P., "Disk Accretion onto High-Mass Planets"  in  PDF (1.1 MB PDF file)
ApJ, 1999, 526, pp. 1001-1012.

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